Mobile Add to Cart ad format

I designed the mobile version of our Add to Cart eCommerce ad format in 2015. This unique-to-Amazon ad unit allows customers to add items to their cart from any ad placement on our mobile website or shopping apps. Amazon Media Group designers use a simple but powerful web form to create and preview these ads.

A 640x100px image serves as the background of the ad, and designers can overlay an HTML ‘buy box’ element on the right side of the ad to display dynamic product information. The template handles out-of-stock states, multiple product variations, digital and pre-order products, as well as internationalized versions for four countries.

Interactive prototype

Tapping the left side of an Add to Cart ad directs users to the featured product’s detail page. Tapping the Add to Cart button brings up a confirmation message (for single-product ads) or a variation selector (for multi-product ads).

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