Most politicians portray themselves as "pro-family," but none do it more vigorously than conservative Republicans. This might seem ironic, as it is the most loudly pro-family who try to block increases to the minimum wage, cut Head Start childcare and school lunch programs, slash welfare payments for parents and health care for children, oppose any kind of family leave (even unpaid), and generally make life less livable for children and families.

But it is not just hypocrisy, and it's worth decoding. What "pro-family" really means is families instead of government: Cut government, and put the work on families. And by "families" they mean women, and women's unpaid labor.

p. 34
Women in the United States are staging a production slowdown, a baby boycott, in response to bad conditions. Determining that the burdens are unfairly piled on us as women, we're deciding to have fewer children or none at all. All our individual decisions taken together have put pressure on our economic and political system, whether we have been conscious of it or not.p. 143