I’m a Principal UX Designer at Amazon, in the Advertising UX group. I’ve been working at Amazon since I first joined as an intern in 2013—as of 2022, I’ve been here longer than 97% of current employees.

Here are some projects I’ve tackled at work:

  • Leading design system projects in the Advertiser Experience group:
    • Creating a modern documentation site backed by a CMS, with live code previews, search, and improved navigation
    • UX design and prototyping for new and updated user interface components. Learning React, and working directly in the code.
    • Creating & maintaining Figma and Sketch libraries for our design org.
    • Adapting our desktop design system to work on mobile web.
  • Conducting accessibility audits, tracking down issues, and contributing code fixes to resolve them. (I’m an IAAP certified accessibility professional.)
  • Adding support for adaptive mobile web views to a desktop campaign management website. Measuring the % of mobile page views that see a mobile-optimized layout vs. a zoomed-out desktop layout, we went from 0% to 90% coverage in a few months.
  • Adding support for language translations in Amazon Stores and Sponsored Brands, so that shoppers who change their language on Amazon get appropriately translated brand content.
  • Lead designer for Landing Page Builder, an internal web app that lets designers publish custom content on Amazon without writing any code (similar to Mailchimp or Squarespace). Visual designers have used this product to build thousands of interesting and creative experiences, both for standard “templated” campaign pages and more complex custom sponsorships.
  • Lead designer for Advertise Your App, a product that let app developers automatically create mobile app download campaigns. (TechCrunch)
  • Helped launch the Amazon Shopper Panel, an iOS and Android app where participants can share receipts from non-Amazon purchases to earn monthly rewards. (TechCrunch)
  • Inventing, testing, and improving ad placements and formats for Amazon’s desktop and mobile properties.

Some projects outside of work: