...And I want to tell the people across the world
Stop nuclear bombs and wars, now
Live your shining life
I sincerely hope that you will look at the works I have created with my utmost strength
And yearning for an eternity of eternal eternity
Let's sing a song together in praise of humanity facing the universe.

To cover everything in a café with pink polka dots; that is my desire. Polka dots in the pink-colored space fill everybody's heart with joy of everlasting love. In the universe, the moon and the sun are each just one of the polka dots. The earth on which we live and several hundred millions of stars all become pink by magic spells. Self-obliteration by polka dots. I call this "Kusama's self-obliteration."

My message I convey to you, my most beloved people, through my artwork, is the joy of being alive. …